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Soundeck PM Black

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Place the Soundeck PM on your turntable, now play your favourite record and be amazed. Sound Damped Steel's aluminium laminate converts vibrational energy into negligible amounts of heat which lets your needle process the information in the grooves without interference from feedback and rumble. Also Newtons theory states that for every force in one direction there is an equal force in the opposite one. While the stylus is collecting vibrations and sending them up to the cartridge it is also forcing vibrations back into the record, these are collected and recycled through the system creating secondary noise which has to be processed. The Soundeck PM removes this noise so the system can process pure music without all the background mush, this results in cleaner bass, instruments which were hidden are suddenly clear.
Choose from 295mm (standard size) - 292mm ( Linn Sondeck, Axis, Basic) - 285mm (Most Technics). New model 4mm thick for extra damping