Customer Comments


Customer Comments

From:  Gareth T*****s <g*******>

Sent:   26 January 2018 18:59

To:     Soundeck

Subject:        Re: Damping Feet

Holy Moly Les, phenomenal!

Arrived today; have one set under a solid state amp and another set under a valve DAC and the difference can be clearly heard. Was intending to use two sets under my floorstanders.

Would you able to do another three sets of round pls?




From:  David ******* <dave@*****>

Sent:   18 June 2016 20:39

To:     Les Thompson

Subject:        Re: Isofeet - feedback

Hi Les,

Thanks for rapid delivery of IsoFeet from eBay, appreciated.

I've experimented with them today under Technics SL1200MK2 (with original feet), and under feet of Unison Research hybrid amp which has one valve in it amongst the transistors.

A/B tested the same music with/without IsoFeet.

I can honestly say I am thrilled in both cases and am going to buy more!

I'm so impressed that I'm on the verge of biting the bullet and getting your IsoPlatMat 285 and IsoCover in the same order as more IsoFeet.

I saw on your Facebook that you have a new product, the DPS puck.

Do you know if this is suitable for Technics direct drive? Mine has the original bearing and not sure how much payload it could take.

What is the price for your puck, and do you have any ready to ship yet?

Best regards,



From: Duncan Berry (D***********[email protected])

Hi there Les,

I first found out about your isolation products from another hifi friend, he said he'd purchased some of the square under hifi/speaker supports and had said they worked brilliantly. He forwarded me the videos on sound absorbing site website that I watched and eagerly purchased.

Arriving quickly I was quick to try them.... I was amazed to find my £3250 speakers (focal 948s) now sound like something far more expensive, recordings seeming more in the room by many fold. Result!!

I quickly realised I needed more of these lumps of sound absorbing chunks of hifi improving steel. More ordered this time under equipment separates, Holy moley same thing again huge improvements under my Naim integrated amp in second system and under phono amp huge improvements in the music being more in the room. Two more sets under second system speaker stands more improvements. Much cleaner bass more lucid less splash in treble clearer midrange, a cheap as chips improvement with huge results.

What would I say to someone reading this thinking should I should I not. Well I've spent thousands on hifi cables speakers stands cd players insert connects, for the money NO BRAINER JUST DO IT THESE PRODUCTS MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE !! Buy with confidence without doubt great value for money.

I’m still buying from Les even today arranging my next delivery.

Worried about communication not a worry Les replies quickly, like I've said above buy with confidence 100% happy customer here!!


I came across your products firstly when you were sound dead steel. There was an article in a print magazine, but as it is so long ago, I can't remember which one. ( I haven't subscribed to print media for many years now). I first bought the turntable mat to stop the lp12 from ringing - very effective. Then I had a set of four plates which went under the feet of the turntable. When I moved, I installed an oak floor, so needed something to protect the floor from the speakers spikes. Again, very effective.


Soundeck_SDS are delighted to have their HiFi enhancement products recommended as great gifts for enthusiasts. Links to information and reviews below.

New message from: duncan*** (172 )

Dear Sirs,Got my product today and wow what a difference after some playing about and slight repositioning stunning results. Their settling into my carpet so more adjustment will be needed to get them bob on, tried without spikes but need those spikes floors a bit ropey. No reviews on Ebay?
I've done something about that it's under review to be published.
I'm gobsmacked, I'm using naim cds3 202/200 supercap into focal 948s with chord purple mains and chord super sarum interconnects reference speaker cable. All my system is Dr'd it's been good since the arrival of Dr power amp but a huge step up using your bits of steel which I've called a steal to the review.
Overall just wish to say thank you, I'm delighted I've found your products and thanks to a friend who recommended you, I'm saving next for a turntable platter for my 1210.
Thanks folks.

Hello Les

Einstein reputedly said "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." The mat and footers master that challenge easily, but they lack ornate and complex design that would require higher costs and hence, greater respect. People frequently and mistakenly equate complexity of design and high price with excellence. Your products prove that this isn't always so. The thinness of the damping feet means you do not significantly alter the height of speaker drivers, and the thinness of the mat means you do not disrupt the tonearm and platter relationship to a large degree. That they are so effective and cost so little is a stroke of genius that may go unrecognized because of their size, or in the case of the platter mat, because they are not even visible when performing their magic.

And you can quote me on that.

Rick Becker

Hi Les,

I first heard about the original Sound Dead Steel products around 2006 after reading about modifications to the Technics SL1200 in HiFi World magazine.
I think David Price raved about it at the time and I always wanted to eventually try one.
I’m lucky enough to have a couple of systems (1 Valve, 1 Solid State) and altogether I have three different turntables that I like to switch between the two.
The Technics I have is an ongoing experiment and the SDS platter matt is the latest addition to try and improve its performance.
In the short time I have used it I would say the mat has improved everything, tightening up the Bass allowing to hear better separation between instruments, and somehow increasing the soundstage presented by the cartridge.
I have placed the damping feet under a Rega P9 turntable and they have helped improve its isolation from the other equipment it’s connected to, and also the noise floor level has improved.
Quieter moments in music seem to be coming across quieter, if that makes any sense
In general the products have all made an improvement to my set up and I plan to experiment with them a lot more in the coming months.
I would say (apart from the cost of shipping to the other side of the world) all represent good value for money.
All the best
Steve wells.

From: Walter D'Ascenzo

I saw a Youtube demo of the Sounddeck and it struck a nerve.  Constrained layer damping in a platter pad?  Why not?  it works for the aviation industry.  I took a chance and got one.  I combined it with a shaped (concave so with a clamp the record is completely seated edge-to-edge) titanium infused pad and bonded the two together.  The record in play is completely isolated from the turntable and any reflective energy from playback is (not) absorbed and transferred to the cartridge, its head shell or arm.
My view? Genius thinking outside of the box.  Physics at work for much improvement of record playback.  I have a Denon DP-59L that I modified for improved isolation and am using an Allnic moving coil cartridge also modified.
The record in play is completely isolated from the turntable and any reflective energy from playback is (not) absorbed and transferred to the cartridge, its head shell or arm.

From:  Andrew Mackay ******_*
Sent:   04 February 2018 19:19
To:     [email protected]
Subject:        Re: Soundeck

Dear Les
Please feel free to use this where appropriate:
“The path to audio nirvana is littered with the bleached bones - or should I say empty snake oil bottles - of audiophiles searching for the ultimate upgrade. Once in a blue moon, though, along comes a product that is forged in the crucible of common sense and sound engineering principles that seems to brook no argument. Post a conclusive clip on YouTube which shows how it works and you’re home and dry. The ‘it’ in this case is the Soundeck, the brainchild of Les Thompson, who set up SoundDampedSteel to focus on the audio sector and, specifically, the market for sensibly-priced products that make no outlandish claims and do what they are supposed to do. SoundDampedSteel simply lives up to its name.
The graphite black Soundeck is beautifully packaged and oozes quality. It simply drops on top of your existing turntable platter. And not an Allen key, glue or sticky space-age gunk in sight. For music lovers worried about damaging their precious vinyl, there are various rubber and foam mat options to place on top of the Soundeck, but it will work perfectly well on its own.
Does it make a difference? Yes. Subtle differences such as better stereo separation, longer decay of notes and all-round ambience are noticeable and add to quality vinyl recordings. If you are considering upgrading your turntable platter, invest in a Soundeck first. Why? At £100 or less, it will cost you a lot less money, it will give your vinyl a new lease of life and you will be supporting a great British audio industry.”

Kind regards
Andrew Mackay