Frequently Asked Questions

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What size are the soundeck PM turntable damping disks? The standard size is 295mm diameter with a 7.9mm centre hole.

Will it fit Technics SL1200 and variants? There is smaller one for Technics which is 285mm diameter with a 7.9mm centre hole, it is designed to sit inside the lip on the outer edge on SP1200 and other Technics variations.

Is there one for Linn turntables? We make a special size for the Linn Sondeck, Axis and Basic, it is 293mm diameter with a 7.9mm centre hole.

Special sizes can be made? Yes, use the contacts page to describe your requirements.

 What weight are they? The soundeck PM295 weighs 748grams, the PM285 is 706 grams. They are 4mm thick SDS laminated aluminium.

How does soundeck absorb vibration? Here’s a link which shows SDS removing massive amounts of vibration. SDS Vibration removal. It is called constrained layer damping.

Soundeck products are made from sound damped steel which is manufactured by www.sounddampedsteel.com. Two plates of metal, aluminium in turntable damping disks and steel in the damping plates, are bonded together with a unique visco-elastic polymer. As the metal plates are agitated with vibrations they flex, this movement stretches and contracts the microns thick polymer which generates heat. This energy transfer is where the noise goes.

Is there a right or wrong way to position the soundeck DF damping feet? No soundeck absorbs noise from both sides, it will damp the shelf and the component at the same time.

Where should I use the soundeck DF damping feet…

Under sub woofers and speakers, most users prefer to use them with the original spikes removed…. Try both ways to discover which you prefer.

Under components, again try with and without the original feet, the soundeck DF’s remove energy from the shelving and the components’ chassis.

Valve amplifiers benefit greatly when placed on the damping feet.

Place your turntable on them and the power supply if it is separate.

soundeck DPS is machined from solid stainless steel the DPA is machined from aluminium. The stainless damping puck adds mass 745grams the aluminium puck adds 227 grams to the platter. Both have the “magic” Sound Damped Steel polymer layer near the base. This has many benefits including, reducing slippage, helps flatten warped disks, removes harmonics and resonance from the record and the platter. Bass is significantly cleaner, there will be a noticeable improvement across the full frequency range.