Turntable Platter Damping kits, we are developing a range popular turntables. If yours is not listed please email [email protected] with model number and photo of the underside of your platter, we will get back to you for measurements and advise if it suitable for damping.

You won't believe the differencee soundeck products can make

Place the Soundeck PM on your turntable, now play your favourite record and be amazed. The Sound Damped Steel converts vibrational energy into negligible amounts of heat which lets your needle process the information in the grooves without interference from feedback and rumble.

Soundeck DF Damping Feet are 3mm Sound Damped Steel plates which are available as 75mm rectangles or 75mm disks. These little gems isolate speakers and components from vibration and feedback. They prevent speakers from driving the floorboards, enable amps and players to work in a more stable environment. Components are isolated from driving shelves or receiving energy from them.

If you would like to pay by card via a secure online invoice service, email [email protected] with your requirements, we will send a secure electronic card payment invoice.

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